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Vitalina Sosnitska

UI/UX Designer

#UX Research #Wireframe #Prototype #Usability Testing #Conducting Interviews

Myroslav Panchyshyn

Project Manager

#Project Managing #Team Lead #Testing

Orest Labiak

Full Stack Developer

#Front-end Developing #Back-end Developing #Testing

ObriCon Text Transformer
10 Years’ Experience
in the Language Industry

Simplify your tasks, enhance productivity, and unlock a new era
of efficiency with ObriCon Text Transformer.



Designing, prototyping, developing and testing web-projects.



Software, websites, apps localization.



Translation services into over 100 language pairs. Text layout.

Tools for Text Transformation


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  • Text Case Converter

    Elevate your text editing experience with Text Case Converter – the ultimate tool for seamless text transformation. Unlock precision in your documents by effortlessly converting text to various cases, ensuring clarity and professionalism. With Text Case Converter, capitalize on efficiency with a user-friendly interface designed for quick and precise case changes. Tailor your content to perfection with the power to convert text to uppercase, lowercase, title case, and more !

    Morse Converter

    Transform your messages into a secret language of dots and dashes with our Morse Converter – your gateway to communication innovation. Unlock the nostalgia of Morse code while modernizing your texts, making them unique and captivating. Morse Converter empowers you to encode and decode messages effortlessly, bringing a touch of intrigue to your written communication. Amaze your audience.

    NATO Alphabet Converter

    Immerse yourself in the world of precision and clarity by converting your texts into the internationally recognized NATO Phonetic Alphabet. NATO Alphabet Converter ensures your messages are heard loud and clear, adding a professional touch to your written communication. With user-friendly features, effortlessly translate any text into the NATO Alphabet, enhancing the memorability and impact of your words. Experience the simplicity and power.

    Cyryllic ISO 9 Transliterator

    Immerse yourself in a world of linguistic versatility as you effortlessly transliterate between Cyrillic and Latin scripts, ensuring your message is universally understood. Cyrillic ISO 9 Transliterator empowers you to bridge language barriers with ease, providing a quick and accurate solution for transforming your texts according to official standard. Experience the precision and flexibility of our user-friendly tool, where converting Cyrillic text to ISO 9 is as simple as a few clicks.

    Polish-to-Ukrainian Transliterator

    Break language barriers effortlessly with our Polish-to-Ukrainian Transliterator – your gateway to seamless cross-cultural communication. Immerse yourself in linguistic fluidity as you transform Polish texts into Ukrainian, ensuring clear and accurate communication in diverse settings. Our Polish-to-Ukrainian Transliterator provides a user-friendly solution for quick and precise text conversion, enhancing the accessibility of your content. Experience the power of linguistic adaptability with a tool that simplifies the process of transliterating Polish to Ukrainian.

    Ukrainian-to-English Transliterator

    Empower your communication journey with our Ukrainian-to-English Transliterator built in accordance with official Ukrainian regulations. Immerse yourself in seamless language conversion as you effortlessly transliterate Ukrainian texts into English, ensuring clarity and precision. Our user-friendly Ukrainian-to-English Transliterator is designed for simplicity and accuracy, offering a quick solution for transforming your content. Experience the transformative power of linguistic adaptability, where our tool effortlessly transliterates Ukrainian to English.

    HTML Stripper

    Transform your content effortlessly with our HTML Stripper – the must-have tool for decluttering your text by effortlessly removing HTML tags. Bid farewell to HTML complexities with our user-friendly tool, ensuring a smooth and efficient process of stripping HTML tags from your text. Experience the power of clean, tag-free content, allowing your words to shine without the interference of unnecessary HTML code.